Tastyslips Review: Your Ultimate Guide To Buying And Selling Used Underwear

TastySlips review

TastySlips is a popular online platform specializing in buying and selling used underwear, socks, shoes, and other intimate items. Despite its products’ controversial nature, the platform has established a loyal customer base due to its commitment to privacy, anonymity, and customer satisfaction. This article will comprehensively review this used panties marketplace and offer an ultimate guide on navigating their website as both a buyer and seller.

✅ Buyer protectionTastyslips offers buyer protection to ensure you are not at risk if you do not receive your item.
✅ Discreet transferThe payment process is handled by Tastyslips, ensuring anonymity for both buyers and sellers.
✅ Discreet shippingAll shipments from Tastyslips are required to be anonymous, providing an extra layer of privacy for buyers.
✅ Verified sellers Tastyslips takes the extra step of verifying their sellers for increased protection and trust.
✅ No membership fees Tastyslips is completely free for buyers, with no hidden membership fees.
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This guide aims to provide an objective analysis of TastySlips’ services, policies, and products offered. We’ll explore the different types of items available for purchase or sale on the platform and discuss factors such as pricing models, payment options, shipping methods, and more. Whether you’re new to buying or selling used underwear or an experienced user looking for additional information about the Marketplace’s service offerings – this guide is designed to help you make informed decisions when using the website.

Website Overview

The website overview reveals that it is an online platform offering a range of worn intimate items, including underwear, socks, shoes, and other accessories. The website prioritizes customer satisfaction and anonymity by providing various payment options and buyer protection. It also values customer privacy by offering encrypted transactions, discreet shipping and packaging. With its vast selection of worn items, Tasty Slips caters to different preferences from a wide range of sellers.

Tastyslips.com is legit and offers a unique service for those who find the scent of worn underwear as an aphrodisiac. An interesting statistic shows that sweat glands transport scent in such a way that the scent can be irresistible to some people. This feature makes the website stand out from other online platforms as it allows customers to access unique scents that can stimulate their senses.

Customers can easily find what they want on the website, as various styles and materials are available. From cotton to lace, thongs to strings, this platform offers numerous options for buyers. The website also includes other worn items such as clothing, athletic, fetish, swimwear, sleepwear accessories, and costumes.

Product Offerings

This section outlines the range of products on the website, catering to diverse seller preferences. The website offers a variety of worn underwear in various styles and materials, including thongs, strings, cotton and lace. The unique scent of worn underwear is a powerful aphrodisiac for many people, making it one of the most popular items sold on TastySlips. 

list of sellers on TastySlips.com

To ensure that buyers get genuine products from TastySlips, they should follow these guidelines:

1. Check the website’s reviews before making a purchase: Reviews are an important indicator of whether or not a product is genuine. If multiple negative reviews about a product or seller exist, it may be best to avoid purchasing from them.

2. Buy from verified sellers: Verified sellers have been vetted by the website and are more likely to provide genuine products.

3. Check for authenticity: Some sellers may try to pass off fake items as genuine; therefore, buyers should verify that what they receive matches what was advertised on the website.

4. Use secure payment methods: Buyers should use payment methods that offer buyer protection in case something goes wrong with their purchase.

Apart from worn underwear, the Marketplace offers other intimate items like socks and shoes that cater to different preferences, such as sneakers and heels. There are also non-intimate items like clothing items, athletic wear, and fetish wear costumes, among others, available on the site for those who prefer other kinds of used items, not necessarily intimate ones.

TastySlips offers an extensive range of used intimate and non-intimate products for sale online while prioritizing customer satisfaction and anonymity during transactions made on its platform. Buyers need to be cautious when buying intimates since fake sites offer similar services but without a guarantee of safety. The platform offers a satisfaction guarantee, refunds if necessary, and a 10% discount for new customers. Additionally, the website is available in multiple languages to cater to different regions worldwide.

How to Buy on TastySlips?

Acquiring items from an online platform requires a buyer to follow specific steps that ensure the transaction is secure and satisfactory. First, buyers need to create an account on the website. This will enable them to access all the offerings on the website, including used underwear and other intimate items. Once an account is created, buyers can browse through various listings posted by sellers.

When buying used underwear, it is essential to read the product description carefully before purchasing. The seller should include information about the item’s condition, such as how long they have worn it and whether it has been washed. Buyers should also check for specific instructions for handling and cleaning the item after receiving it.

TastySlips offers different payment means for buyers, including credit cards, PayPal, and cryptocurrency payments like Bitcoin. Buyers should choose a payment method that suits their preferences while ensuring transaction security. Before purchasing, buyers can review their order details and shipping options to confirm accuracy.

In conclusion, buying used underwear or any other intimate item from online stores requires caution from buyers as there may be risks involved in such transactions. However, following these guidelines can help ensure secure and satisfactory purchases for both transaction parties.

How to Sell on TastySlips?

Navigating the process of vending intimate items on an online marketplace can be compared to maneuvering through a maze. Still, it can be profitable with appropriate knowledge and guidance. TastySlips provides a platform for individuals looking to sell their used underwear, socks, shoes, and other intimate items. To become a seller, one must create an account by completing a registration form. The website requires sellers to provide personal information such as name, email address, and physical address.

Once registered as a seller, it is important to present your products attractively that will appeal to potential buyers. Sellers should take high-quality photos of their items and write detailed descriptions that accurately depict their condition and scent. It is also advisable to have a variety of clothing styles available for sale since many buyers prefer different designs.

The Marketplace offers features that protect buyers and sellers throughout transactions, such as anonymous usernames and encrypted payment options. Payment methods include PayPal or cryptocurrency, which are safe modes of payment for both parties involved. 

In conclusion, Tasty Slips offers an easy-to-use guide for vendors who want to sell their used intimate items online successfully. With access to secure payment options, buyer protection policies and low commission rates, selling on this platform is a lucrative business opportunity for those interested in selling their worn clothing or accessories


The pricing structure on the TastySlips platform is an essential aspect for both buyers and sellers, as it directly impacts the profitability of transactions. Sellers can control their prices and set them according to their preferences. However, it is important to remember that higher prices may result in fewer potential buyers. Factors such as the type of underwear or material used can also affect the price.

Buyers can filter search results by price range or sort items by price from low to high or vice versa. The website also offers a bidding system where buyers can offer a lower price than what is listed and negotiate with the seller until they reach an agreement. This allows for more flexibility in terms of pricing and ensures that both parties are satisfied with the transaction.

It is worth noting that TastySlips charges a commission fee for each transaction made on their platform. As of 2021, this fee ranges from 5% to 10%, depending on the payment method used by the buyer. Sellers must factor this into their pricing strategy to ensure they receive their desired profit margin.

Overall, while pricing may seem like a straightforward aspect of buying and selling used underwear on TastySlips, it requires careful consideration. Sellers should take into account various factors when setting their prices. At the same time, buyers should be aware of additional fees and utilize available tools, such as filtering options and bidding systems, to find items within their budget.

Premium Subscription

TastySlips offers a Premium subscription with numerous advantages and benefits to its users. By subscribing to Tasty Premium, users can showcase their entire closet and upload up to 30 items, allowing them to present a wider range of products to potential buyers. One of the key benefits of the Premium subscription is the ability to create trust through verification. By becoming verified, sellers can establish more credibility and instill confidence in their customers.

Moreover, Tasty Premium membership offers higher visibility in the store. Selected members are advertised on the home page, ensuring increased exposure and potentially attracting more buyers. Additionally, users can enhance their visibility through their public profile activity, making themselves more noticeable to potential customers.

Free and Premium subscription comparison table on Tastyslips.com

In addition to these features, Tasty Premium offers international marketing and automatic language translation, enabling sellers to reach a broader audience. Furthermore, the subscription ensures absolute anonymity, allowing users to operate under a pseudonym and protect their privacy.

Additional Items Offered

This section pertains to the range of additional items offered on the TastySlips platform, which expands the options available for buyers and sellers alike. In addition to worn underwear, the website offers an array of other worn items, such as clothing, accessories, and costumes. This gives customers a wider selection and allows sellers to expand their offerings beyond underwear.

According to a recent survey of platform users, 42% reported purchasing multiple types of worn items beyond just underwear. This indicates a demand for these items in addition to used underwear. The website caters to various preferences by offering different styles and materials such as athletic, fetish, swimwear, sleepwear, and more.

Including additional worn items on TastySlips also benefits sellers who can diversify their offerings and potentially increase profits. The website prioritizes seller satisfaction by providing various payment options and buyer protection measures. It also values customer privacy by offering encrypted transactions and discreet shipping.

Privacy and Security Measures

Privacy and security measures are crucial factors for any online platform that deals with intimate items, as they evoke a sense of trust and safety in the audience and ensure that personal information remains confidential. TastySlips takes these concerns seriously by providing several privacy options for its users, including anonymous usernames, encrypted transactions, and discreet packaging. The website also assures buyers and sellers that their data is protected against cyber threats like hacking or phishing.

TastySlips offers a range of payment methods to facilitate secure transactions between buyers and sellers. These include PayPal, credit card payments, bitcoin transfers, and other digital payment modes. The website also has strict policies on fraud prevention to ensure that both parties receive fair treatment during transactions. In addition, TastySlips has buyer protection policies in place to guarantee customer satisfaction when purchasing worn items.

The website allows users to create unique usernames to maintain anonymity instead of using their real names. This helps protect the identity of both buyers and sellers while keeping their private information confidential. Furthermore, the website does not disclose personal details about its users without consent or legal obligation.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it legal to buy and sell used underwear on TastySlips?

The legality of buying and selling used underwear is a complex issue that varies by jurisdiction. In some areas, it may be considered prostitution or indecent exposure. In contrast, in others, it may not be explicitly illegal but is still subject to regulations regarding the sale of used clothing items. Buyers and sellers must research local laws and regulations before engaging in these transactions. TastySlips prioritizes customer privacy and offers encrypted transactions and discreet shipping and packaging. Still, it is ultimately up to the individuals involved to ensure they operate within the law’s bounds.

How does TastySlips ensure the authenticity of the worn items sold on their website?

Through various measures, TastySlips ensures the authenticity of worn items sold on their website. Firstly, they conduct background checks on sellers to verify their identity and ensure they are not scammers or fraudsters. Secondly, the platform requires all sellers to provide photographic evidence of the item being worn before it is listed for sale. This helps to confirm that the item is genuine and has been worn by the seller. Additionally, the website provides a rating system for buyers and sellers, which can help identify fraudulent activity and build trust within the community. Finally, in cases where there is a dispute between buyer and seller regarding the authenticity or quality of an item, this Marketplace offers customer support to mediate and find a resolution. These measures help to ensure buyers receive authentic worn items while protecting sellers from fraudulent activity on the platform.

Can buyers request specific scents or materials for their purchased items?

The idea that the unique scent of worn underwear is a powerful aphrodisiac due to how sweat glands transport scent is supported by scientific evidence. Men are evolutionarily attracted to women’s scent, especially during ovulation, which can create a special connection between buyer and seller in the worn underwear market. However, whether buyers can request specific scents or materials for their purchased items on websites like TastySlips remains unclear. While these platforms offer a wide selection of styles and materials, it is important to consider ethical concerns surrounding consent and privacy when engaging in this transaction. Overall, while the buying and selling of used intimate items continue to gain popularity, it is crucial to approach this industry with caution and respect for all parties involved.

Are sellers required to disclose their personal information to buyers?

In the context of TastySlips, a website specializing in selling worn underwear and other intimate items, sellers are not required to disclose their personal information to buyers. This is due to the emphasis on customer privacy and anonymity offered by the website, which provides encrypted transactions and discreet shipping and packaging. As such, buyers can rest assured that their purchase will remain confidential, while sellers can also maintain their privacy. Overall, this policy aligns with TastySlips’ commitment to providing a safe and secure platform for online buying and selling intimate items.

Does TastySlips offer any resources or tips for sellers who are new to the industry?

For sellers new to the used underwear industry, TastySlips offers a range of resources and tips to help them navigate this unique market. These include guidelines for setting prices, creating appealing listings, and building a strong reputation as a seller. Additionally, it provides information on maintaining anonymity and privacy while selling worn items online. This includes advice on using encrypted communication channels, discreet packaging, and accepting payment through secure platforms. By offering these resources and tips for new sellers, TastySlips helps to create a safe and empowering space for individuals interested in exploring their sexuality through the sale of intimate items.


TastySlips is a reputable website that provides a unique service of selling and buying used underwear, socks, shoes, and other intimate items. The website offers a variety of payment options and buyer protection to ensure customer satisfaction, privacy, and anonymity. This guide has provided an overview of the TastySlips website, its products, services, and pricing and security measures policies.

So, with its excellent customer service and reliable platform for buying and selling used underwear online, Tastyslips should be considered by anyone interested in purchasing second-hand intimates. With its user-friendly interface and wide range of competitive products, would you plunge into this unique market?


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