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PantieLove, founded in 2015, is an online marketplace dedicated to buying and selling used panties and other intimate products. This platform allows users to make extra income by selling their used clothing items discreetly and anonymously. With no subscriptions or recurring fees, focuses on keeping the user experience simple and user-friendly.

General Information is a unique online marketplace that provides a platform for buying and selling used panties and other intimate products. Creating a user account is quick, easy, and completely free. The registration process only requires an email address, eliminating the need for any personal information that could compromise the users’ anonymity.

The website offers a variety of features that cater to both sellers and buyers. Users can create ads to showcase their items, upload photo albums to provide visuals of the products, and even write blogs to share their experiences with the PantieLove community. The platform encourages interaction between members, allowing them to search for and connect with like-minded individuals. One of the most important aspects of is its dedication to maintaining user privacy. The website offers various options to control the visibility of information in user profiles and ads, ensuring that individuals can choose how much or how little they want to share with the rest of the community. This commitment to privacy and discretion allows users to confidently engage in transactions without fearing exposing their identity.

Key Features 

The website allows users to post ads completely free of charge. Each member can have up to three active ads anytime, allowing sellers to showcase their products. These ads remain active for 30 days, giving buyers enough time to browse the available offerings and make their purchases.

The Verified Seller badge is an essential feature that adds trust and authenticity to the platform. To obtain this badge, sellers must undergo a verification process that includes providing a photo or video as evidence of their legitimacy. Once verified, the badge is displayed on their profile and ads, assuring buyers they are dealing with a genuine seller. caters to the sale of used panties and other intimate items and accommodates a wide range of products, including digital media. This broadens the scope of the marketplace, allowing sellers to offer items such as photos, videos, cam shows, Skype calls, chats, and phone sex, catering to various preferences and tastes.

Understanding the importance of anonymity in such transactions, supports various payment methods prioritizing privacy. Popular options include Google Wallet, Skrill,, Bitcoin, and gift card services like Amazon Gift Cards. While other alternatives like PayPal and standard bank account transfers are available, users are advised to exercise discretion when using these services to maintain their anonymity.

Buy on Pantielove provides a convenient and user-friendly experience for buyers purchasing used panties and other intimate items. 

The platform allows buyers to easily browse through the available ads and directly contact sellers to arrange a purchase. This direct communication between buyer and seller simplifies the transaction process and enables buyers to ask questions or clarify product details. 

To ensure a secure purchasing experience, buyers should look for the Verified Seller badge on the seller’s profile and ads. This badge indicates that the seller has undergone a verification process, providing added confidence in the authenticity and legitimacy of the items they offer.

Payment methods on can vary by seller, but buyers must prioritize anonymity during transactions. Popular anonymous payment options include Google Wallet, Skrill,, Bitcoin, and Amazon Gift Cards. Buyers should discuss with the seller which payment method best suits their needs while maintaining privacy. is a global marketplace, making it accessible to buyers from any country around the world. This wide reach allows buyers to explore diverse offerings from sellers across the globe, further expanding their options and catering to various preferences.

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Sell on Pantielove offers an excellent platform for sellers to showcase their used panties and other intimate items to a global audience.

Sellers can create and customize their ads, providing detailed product information. Buyers can easily browse these ads and contact sellers directly to arrange a purchase, streamlining the transaction process and allowing for personalized communication between both parties.

Obtaining the Verified Seller badge is valuable for sellers, as it instills greater confidence in their authenticity. By undergoing the verification process and displaying this badge on their profile and ads, sellers can attract more potential buyers and assure them of the legitimacy of their offerings.

Sellers should offer various payment methods to cater to the diverse preferences of buyers, with an emphasis on anonymity. By prioritizing privacy in transactions, sellers can build trust with their buyers and foster a secure marketplace environment. Popular anonymous payment options include Google Wallet, Skrill,, Bitcoin, and Amazon Gift Cards. is a global marketplace, granting sellers access to a broad range of buyers from all corners of the world. This international reach allows sellers to connect with a diverse audience, expanding their customer base and increasing the potential for sales.

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At, posting ads is free for all users, with no membership fees or hidden charges. This cost-free approach allows buyers and sellers to enjoy the platform without worrying about additional expenses. Furthermore, sellers can keep 100% of their earnings from their transactions, ensuring they benefit fully from their sales. This transparent and accessible pricing model makes an attractive marketplace for buying and selling used panties and other intimate items.

Pros and Cons

  • Discreet, anonymous platform
  • Free ad posting and no membership fees
  • Verified Seller badge for added trust
  • Support for international buyers and sellers
  • Limited to three active ads per user
  • is not involved in transactions or shipping

Conclusion provides a safe and anonymous environment for buying and selling used panties and other intimate items. The platform offers free ad postings, various payment options, and a Verified Seller badge for added trust. Both buyers and sellers can enjoy a user-friendly experience, with serving as a reliable marketplace for those interested in selling or purchasing used intimate products.


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