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Wide selection of used underwear available.
Competitive pricing.
Accepts a variety of payment methods.
Worldwide shipping is available.
Dedicated customer service team.
User-friendly website with a smooth and easy user experience.
Takes steps to ensure the safety and security of its users.

Welcome to our review of, the premier online marketplace for used panties and a variety of other items, including feet pics that cater to specific fetish interests. This review will delve into the various aspects of Snifffr, such as its commitment to allowing sellers to remain anonymous while offering pictures and videos. We also explore the presence of free content and address concerns about the potential to get scammed, emphasizing the importance of being vigilant about scammer activity on such platforms.

Our comprehensive evaluation will cover the full scope of Snifffr, from its unique market offerings, like sexting services, to its effectiveness in maintaining privacy and safety for its users. The review aims to provide a clear and detailed understanding of Snifffr’s operations, user experience, and the measures it takes to minimize risks, including those associated with scammer activities and ensuring a safe trading environment for both buyers and sellers.

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What is Snifffr

Snifffr is an online marketplace that has rapidly become a popular destination for those interested in making money online by selling used panties. It’s not just about the transaction; it’s about creating a community where sellers can share their experiences and engage with repeat buyers. Many users have praised the platform, as evident in Snifffr reviews, for its user-friendly interface and the significant money to be made.

Key features of Snifffr include:

  1. A Robust Chat Feature: Allowing sellers and buyers to communicate directly, enhancing the overall transaction process.
  2. Opportunity to List as Many Items as Desired: Giving sellers the flexibility to offer a wide range of products.
  3. Focus on Repeat Buyers: Encouraging ongoing relationships and steady income for sellers.

Additionally, Snifffr prioritizes a safe and legitimate experience for both buyers and sellers. Concerns like “Is Snifffr legit?” are addressed through stringent platform policies. The site maintains transparency and authenticity, as reflected in Snifffr seller reviews. Important to note:

  • Snifffr does not allow revenge reviews: Ensuring a fair and unbiased feedback system.
  • Online Chat: Facilitates direct communication between parties, enhancing trust and transparency.
  • Experiences Shared by Long-term Users: Including those who’ve been using Snifffr for 3 years, offering valuable insights into the platform’s reliability and user satisfaction.

Selling used panties on Snifffr has become a viable option for many looking for an unconventional way to earn online, with the platform continually adapting to meet its users’ needs and maintaining a trustworthy environment.

Product Selection on Snifffr

snifffr marketplace shop feed
Snifffr Product Selection

Snifffr offers a wide range of used undergarments for men and women, including panties, bras, and other intimates. The selection is constantly updated with new items, so there’s always something new to discover. You can filter your search by size, material, brand, and more to find the perfect pair of used thongs.

This platform allows you to buy used items from undie sellers worldwide. The site has a simple interface that makes it easy to browse through all available catalogs and find what you’re looking for. The site also has photos and videos of the items for sale to help you better understand what you’re buying. You can always check out the FAQs section for more information if you have questions about buying. Snifffr is a great place to buy used items, and it’s easy to find what you’re looking for, thanks to the site’s simple interface.

How to Buy on Snifffr

As a buyer on Snifffr, anonymity is key to ensuring privacy and confidentiality. Snifffr offers a discreet platform where buyers can browse various used underwear options from different sellers across the globe. To get started, buyers must sign up and create a free account. Once the account is set up, buyers can search for the perfect pair of used panties using keywords or filters like color, style, and size.

One of buyers’ most frequently asked questions on Snifffr is ensuring the authenticity and quality of the used panties they purchase. Snifffr provides a system where sellers can verify their identity, ensuring buyers deal with legitimate sellers. Additionally, buyers can check the seller’s profile and ratings, which provide insight into the quality of the used panties they offer. If a buyer has any doubts or concerns about a seller, they can reach out to the seller and ask for additional details or pictures of the used panties they are interested in buying.

Another common question buyers ask on Snifffr is about the payment options available. Snifffr offers several secure payment methods, including PayPal and cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin. Buyers can rest assured that their personal and financial information is kept safe and secure throughout the transaction. Shipping options vary depending on the seller, but most offer discreet packaging to ensure privacy and confidentiality during delivery.

Maximizing Your Purchase Experience on Snifffr

To further enhance the buying experience on Snifffr, it’s important for buyers to understand the earning potential for sellers. Knowing how much sellers can make on Snifffr, especially from selling used panties, can give buyers an idea of the market’s dynamics. This understanding helps in negotiating and appreciating the value of the items.

Key aspects to consider when buying on Snifffr include:

  1. Understanding Seller Motivations: Recognizing that many sellers are there as a form of income, not just a hobby.
  2. Form of Payment: Familiarizing with how to get paid on Snifffr, which affects transaction smoothness.
  3. Reviewing Seller Profiles: Assessing sellers based on their profiles and reviews to gauge reliability.

Furthermore, the Snifffr platform is known for its variety of adult content. Buyers should be aware that some sellers choose to show their face in their profiles or listings, while others may not. This level of discretion is a personal choice for each seller and should be respected.

Additional considerations include:

  • Exploring Snifffr Website Reviews: For new buyers, checking out the latest Snifffr website reviews can provide valuable insights into user experiences.
  • Staying Updated with Today’s Date: Keeping track of listings and interactions, as the inventory and seller availability can change rapidly.
  • Understanding the Market: Realizing the money-making aspect of selling used panties can help in appreciating the effort sellers put into their offerings.

Snifffr is often regarded as one of the best panty selling sites due to its comprehensive features and security measures. Buyers looking to purchase used underwear online will find the platform accommodating, with various options to suit different preferences and needs.

Premium features

The price to become a premium seller is not as high as the features you’ve got from it:

Live chat to speak with buyers
Private messages to connect with thousands of potential customers
Easy setup of own online store
Privat content to make money selling nudes
Fake check to avoid time wasters
Higher rankings to be on the top of the seller’s list
Snifffr price range for Premium account

Make Money on Snifffr

To contribute to, you must create a free account and list all your used panties for sale. You can put as many items as you have available, and it is a good idea to regularly update your inventory with new things to keep your store active and attract more buyers.

To maximize your chances of making money on this website, you must set competitive prices for your used panties and include clear, detailed descriptions and photos of your items. You should also consider offering additional services or perks to your buyers, such as custom requests or extra items included with their purchases. You can increase your visibility and attract potential buyers by actively participating and promoting your listings. Ultimately, your success on will depend on various factors, such as the demand for your items, the price you set, and the competition from other sellers.

As a panty seller on, you can list as many items as you like and sell your used pants online to a broad audience of interested buyers. The platform helps you serf the listings and find potential buyers for your used undies. The online chat feature allows you to interact with buyers directly and answer any questions they may have.

One of the benefits of selling used panties online through the marketplace is that the platform handles the payment processing on behalf of the sellers. This means you don’t have to worry about taking financial transactions with your buyers directly, which can be a convenient and secure way to earn as a panty seller.

Here are the steps to sell on Snifffr:

  1. Create an account

    Sign up for a free account on the Snifffr website by providing the required information. Make sure to read and agree to the terms and conditions before proceeding.

  2. Set up your profile

    Once registered, fill out your profile with details and descriptions to attract potential buyers. You can include information about your preferences, the types of underwear you sell, and other relevant details.

  3. Upload photos

    Take high-quality photos of the panties or underwear you intend to sell. Make sure the images are clear and showcase the product from different angles. Snifffr allows you to upload these images to your shop or profile.

  4. List your items

    Create individual listings for each pair of panties or underwear you want to sell. Provide accurate and detailed descriptions of the items, including the style, color, size, and unique features. Be honest and transparent about the condition of the underwear.

  5. Set your prices

    Determine the price for each item you are selling. Consider brand, condition, exclusivity, and demand when setting your prices. Snifffr allows you to choose your own pricing, so set reasonable rates to attract potential buyers.

  6. Communicate with buyers

    Engage with potential buyers who show interest in your listings. Use Snifffr’s online chat functionality or private messaging system to answer their questions and provide additional information.

  7. Arrange payment and shipping

    Once a buyer is ready to purchase your underwear, discuss and agree upon a payment method. Snifffr does not get involved in the transaction process, so it is essential to establish a secure and trustworthy payment method. Additionally, agree upon a shipping method and address any instructions or preferences from the buyer.

  8. Ship the items

    After receiving payment, promptly ship the items to the buyer’s provided address. It is advisable to use a shipping method that includes tracking to ensure a smooth and transparent delivery process. Snifffr recommends shipping all items with tracking to minimize the risk of non-delivery issues.

  9. Maintain privacy and anonymity

    To protect your privacy and maintain anonymity, consider using a return address that is the same as the delivery address. This helps to ensure that your personal information remains confidential.

  10. Provide excellent customer service

    Maintaining open communication with the buyer during the transaction process. Address any concerns or issues promptly and professionally. Positive feedback and buyer satisfaction can help build a good reputation on Snifffr and attract more potential customers.

Remember to always adhere to the guidelines and policies set forth by Snifffr to maintain a safe and reliable selling experience.

Payments and Shipping

Snifffr accepts various payment methods, including credit cards, debit cards, and PayPal. Shipping is available worldwide, and the cost is calculated based on the weight of the package and the destination. Snifffr offers discreet packaging to protect your privacy.

Snifffr Customer Service

The website has a dedicated customer service team that is available to answer any questions or concerns you may have. You can contact them through the website or by email. In our experience, the customer service team is helpful and responsive. Overall, the user experience on Snifffr is smooth and easy. The website is well-designed and user-friendly, and the user experience is straightforward. Snifffr is a trustworthy marketplace that takes steps to ensure the safety and security of its users.

In addition to its commendable customer service, Snifffr provides a conducive environment for selling your used panties and underwear, making it a go-to platform for many looking to buy and sell used intimate apparel. Key factors contributing to this include:

  1. Ease of Selling and Buying: The process of selling used panties online or finding a product to purchase is straightforward and user-friendly.
  2. Potential for Profit: Sellers can actually make money on Snifffr, with a considerable market for used personal items.
  3. Verification Processes: Snifffr employs measures to ensure the authenticity of its users, reducing the likelihood of encountering fraudulent accounts.

Furthermore, the question of “Is Snifffr safe?” is a common concern among new users. The platform has put in place robust safety measures, as evident in reviews, enhancing the trustworthiness of the marketplace.

Notable aspects of Snifffr’s service include:

  • Snifffr Legit Verification: Ensuring that users won’t be able to conduct transactions without proper verification.
  • User Reviews and Feedback: Sniffr reviews available on the platform provide insights into user experiences and help in making informed decisions.
  • Customer Support Against Time Wasters: Addressing concerns about non-serious buyers or sellers, known as “time wasters,” through active customer support.
  • Fake Check Mechanisms: Implementing procedures to identify and eliminate fake profiles, enhancing the overall user experience.

By balancing effective customer service with reliable security protocols, Snifffr has established itself as a secure and efficient marketplace for those interested in the niche market of selling and buying used personal items.

Sites like Snifffr

There are many other used underwear sites on the internet. Still, Snifffr stands out due to its extensive selection, competitive pricing, and excellent customer service. Snifffr is a top choice for buying and selling used panties, socks other stuff, unlike other places. Let’s dive into the details a bit.

Allthingsworn is a pre-owned pants marketplace that was established in 2019. Besides panties, it also offers various other personal items, including socks and tees. Allthingsworn has an admirable standing for customer service and provides a loyalty program for frequent buyers.

Pantydeal is an online lingerie store that specializes in high-quality, affordable lingerie. The company offers a wide selection of styles, sizes, and colors to meet the needs of all customers. Pantydeal also provides helpful sizing guides and customer service support to ensure customers find the perfect fit. In addition, Pantydeal offers free shipping on orders over $50 and a loyalty program for repeat customers.

Sofia Gray is a website that allows influencers and models to sell their products directly to customers. The platform offers a wide range of beauty, fashion, lifestyle, health & fitness products, and more. Customers can search for items by category or look through influencer-curated collections. Sofia Gray also provides tools for influencers to manage their stores and track sales.

Scented Pansy and Snifffr are both platforms that allow users to buy and sell used items online. Both platforms have a simple interface and extensive catalog, facilitating browsing through all available options. One difference between the two platforms is that Scentedpansy has a more specialized focus on panty sellers, while the other has a broader range of used items available. Additionally, Scentedpansy offers a loyalty program for frequent purchasers but doesn’t have a referral program for sellers.

10Expert Score

Snifffr is a vibrant community for selling and buying used panties, providing a user-friendly interface and various features to connect sellers and buyers. Experience secure transactions and a wide range of products in this thriving marketplace.

  • Wide selection of used underwear available.
  • Competitive pricing.
  • Accepts a variety of payment methods.
  • Worldwide shipping is available.
  • Dedicated customer service team.
  • User-friendly website with a smooth and easy user experience.
  • Takes steps to ensure the safety and security of its users.
  • The quality of the used underwear may vary, so it's important to carefully read descriptions and view photos before purchasing.
  • Shipping costs may be expensive for international orders.
  • Returns and exchanges may not always be possible due to the nature of the items being sold.


Snifffr, a popular online marketplace for buying and selling used panties, is rapidly growing, with new buyers and sellers signing up daily. The platform offers a user-friendly website that is easy to navigate for anyone looking to buy used panties. Creating a free account unlocks many features and allows buyers to access a list of high-quality used panty sellers.

For those who want to take advantage of even more features, Snifffr offers affordable premium options. However, before making a purchase, it is highly recommended to take a few minutes to read through the frequently asked questions (FAQ) page. Doing so will help ensure a smooth and pleasant experience while shopping for used panties on the site.

In addition, Snifffr’s customer support team is also readily available to answer any questions or concerns buyers may have. Their response time is usually fast, ensuring buyers promptly receive the support they need. Overall, Snifffr is a great platform for anyone looking to buy used panties anonymously and discreetly.


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